When Holidays Are Sick, Let's Find Out the Causes and How to Prevent it

Everyone will want to take advantage of the holiday moment for fun. But have you ever been sick, you just got sick while on vacation? It must be very annoying. Well, so that your vacation feels fun, let's find out why and how to prevent pain during the holidays. In general, illness during the holidays is caused by fatigue or the unpreparedness of the body to deal with climate change, weather, or different conditions in a new place from where you come from. Therefore, careful preparation is very important to do before you go on vacation, including physical preparation. What Causes Pain during the Holidays? When viewed from a medical and psychological perspective, sickness during holidays is very natural. The causes are very diverse and you may not realize it, or you often ignore it. Some factors that can cause illness during the holidays include: Dietary changes Eating foods that are not normally consumed daily can make your metabolism change. Especially when on vacation yo
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